From the recording In Your Own Time

This song was inspired by witnessing the strength and resilience of a young lady who lost the love of her life in a tragic accident. While the pain of loss will never disappear, you will shine.

daz x

Written and performed by: D Smith
Recorded: @dazmusic studios 2022


no one can imagine
how you feel life can be so tragic
at least you know whats real

live life with somebody
next thing you know they’re gone
and there’s no rhyme or reason
but you soldier on

you will find in your own time
you will breathe in your own time

to have to deal with sorrow
at such an tender age
and pick up where you left off
seems like no ones going to say

you will find in your own time
you will grieve in your own time

there may be an answer in the passing of dark times
we will find the answer to the question of our lives

you’ll be fine in your own time
you will shine in your own time