1. Walk Away

From the recording Connection

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Walk Away

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All lyrics and music: D Smith
Recorded mix and mastered @
dazmusic studios 2023


Even though we haven't talked
you pass my mind each day
even though our paths don't cross
my mind rehearses everything Id say

Like how you going
have you been ok
and how my heart was broken
the day you walked away

Even though we haven't talked
you cross my thoughts each day
and even though our lives don't touch
I always find a way

To reminisce, sit down reflect
and ponder what to say
and when our constant worlds collide
I’m reminded

you walked away

even though your mind is set
I have to find a way
to orbit you back down to earth
with gravity you’ll stay

with me,
I know you can, you always will
with me
to hold your hand

we’ll walk away